Poultry Genomics Laboratory

North Carolina State University


Ashwell Lab Group in the Department of Poultry Science


The Poultry Genomics Laboratory is operated by Dr. Chris Ashwell in the Department of Poultry Science. Our research focuses on functional genomics in domestic chickens and turkeys.

Chris also teaches two courses in NC State's Biotechnology Program, BIT462/562 Gene Expression:Microarrays and BIT465/565 Realtime PCR.

More information about Chris's background, research program, publications, facilities, equipment, and contact information is located in the links above.

Members of the Ashwell Lab group (old and new) can be found above also.

Chris M. Ashwell, PhD.

Associate Professor of Animal Genomics

Department of Poultry Science

147 Scott Hall. NCSU

Campus Box 7608

Raleigh, NC 27695