Analysis and Prediction of High-Impact Weather Events

Left to right: Prof. Gary Lackmann, Trevor Campbell, Morgan Bell, Katy Hollinger, Greta Easthom
(not pictured: Jacob Radford; Prof. Walt Robinson and members of his group)

Photo taken at NCSU-UGA Women's basketball game, fall 2021

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The objectives of our research are to improve understanding and prediction of high-impact weather events. We utilize observations, theory, and numerical models in attaining these goals.

In recent years, we have studied extratropical and tropical cyclones, organized convection, winter storms, heavy precipitation events, and topographically forced flows. We seek to improve short-term prediction of these phenomena through enhanced understanding of the physical mechanisms responsible for their evolution, and optimization of process representation in numerical models. The question of how longer-term climate change might affect the frequency and severity of high-impact events is another topic of our ongoing investigations.

Professor Gary Lackmann

Jordan Hall