Our lab is located in Jordan Hall on NCSU's main campus. Up until August of 2008, we had been located in the Research III building on the Centennial Campus. The lab typically includes 5-10 graduate students and 1-3 undergraduate research assistants.

For running models such as the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model, our lab group utilizes three high-performance computing facilities, to of which are located at NC State, the PAMS cluster and the university HPC cluster.

NCSU Physical and Mathematical Sciences High Performance Computing Center.

Recently, we have partnered with the Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI). The formidable computing and storage capabilities at RENCI have allowed us to perform computer simulations at much higher resolution than would otherwise be possible, and this has allowed us to do some cutting-edge work in the areas of hurricanes and convective storms. On-site computing facilities in our lab include an assortment of Red Hat Linux workstations and Windows PCs. Some of our students prefer the Mac platform as well. We have in-house data storage of ~10 Tb currently, as of summer 2009. The lab computers are mostly used for visualization and analysis, with the number crunching done on more powerful systems.

    A unique attribute of our setup here at NCSU is that our campus is also home to the Raleigh National Weather Service Forecast Office. Not only do we value the interactions with NWS personnel, but this setup affords our students the unique opportunity to observe professional meteorologists in action, and to assist with forecasting-related research projects. We feel that our ability to interact directly with operational forecasters greatly enhances the applicability of our research.

     Another outstanding opportunity for students and faculty alike is the State Climate Office of North Carolina, which resides in the same Research III building where the NWS is located. Under the direction of Dr. Ryan Boyles, this office plays an integral role in outreach and education at NCSU.

    Jordan Hall is a 110,000 square foot, six story facility located on central campus. A majority of the MEA classes are taught here. The teaching and research facilities located in Jordan Hall include:
  • 64 Red Hat Linux workstations for real-time weather data processing using Unidata display and ingestion software.
    • A 6-Tb server houses data used for teaching in this student computer lab.
    • A state-of-the-art ceiling-mounted projection system, which facilitates use of the lab as a teaching and realtime forecasting laboratory
  • Rooftop weather observatory and weather data archive
  • MacIntosh and Windows computer laboratories

    Additionally, the forecasting lab also has access to the NCSU Physical and Mathematical Sciences High Performance Computing Center. This extremely powerful network allows students to run numerical weather prediction models quickly and efficiently.

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