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Graduate students who study in our group gain experience in observational data analysis, numerical modeling, and theory. Many of our research projects involve application of theoretical or numerical techniques in the context of weather analysis and forecasting, climate change, and numerical modeling of extreme weather events. Several students have been involved with research that is directed at operational forecasting problems.

Computer applications are heavily utilized in much of our work, and strong programming, scripting, and web-development skills are a plus. Incoming students need not have extensive computer skills, although it is our expectation that students will learn a great deal during the course of their education.

Job placement is at or near 100% for graduates from our group who complete a MS or PhD. The small subset of students who have left our group prior to completion of their degree have done so because they've secured jobs (leaving prior to graduation is strongly discouraged!). The skill sets developed in thesis research, particular numerical modeling, make graduates from our group quite marketable. Many recent gradutes have gained employment in the private sector (e.g., AIR, STI, AirDat), with some going to the federal government (NWS, EPA, DOE) or state government agencies (e.g., DENR).

If you are a motivated and enthusiastic student with an interest in applied meteorological analysis, weather forecasting, weather extremes, or climate change, please don't hesistate to contact us.


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