November 18-19, 2000 Winter Storm

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Summary -
An area of wet snow fell across northern Georgia - upstate South Carolina - into central North Carolina on Sunday November 19, 2000. 1-3 inches of snow was the general rule for much of this area. The accumulation of snow was limited by relatively warm soil temperatures. Some of the snowfall melted as it fell. A total of nearly 0.70 inches of precipitation fell at the RDU airport. About 0.50 of this amount was in the form of snow. Snow accumulated to around 1.5 inches at the airport. An accumulation of snow at RDU this early in the winter season is climatologically unusual.

NCEP Reanalysis Data -

00Z Reanalysis 2000/11/18  |   12Z Reanalysis 2000/11/18  |   00Z Reanalysis 2000/11/19  |   12Z Reanalysis 2000/11/19  |   00Z Reanalysis 2000/11/20  |   12Z Reanalysis 2000/11/20

KGSO Skew-T's -

00Z KGSO Skew-T 2000/11/18  |   12Z KGSO Skew-T 2000/11/18  |   00Z KGSO Skew-T 2000/11/19  |   00Z KGSO Skew-T 2000/11/20

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