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Interactive Cat Skull
The Interactive Cat Skull is provided by bioMovies for educational usage. The package may be downloaded and used in any academic setting. All materials are copyrighted and may not be redistributed without permission of the authors.

The Interactive Cat Skull is a collection of interactive movies consisting of images showing the cat skull from the side, front, back, top, bottom, and bisected. Each image is a high quality photograph of a real skull that is animated by moving arrows and pop-up labels to illustrate regions or bones within the skull. Individual parts of the skull are listed below the image; "clicking" on the name accesses the moving arrow for that skull part. A narrative sound track is included, but may be muted if desired. The animated images (QuickTime movies) are linked to allow progress from one view to another. Individual movies may also be selected from an index. On the lighter side, an "assemble-the-skull" puzzle is included to test knowledge of structure.

The Interactive Cat Skull utilizes an html interface and will play on PC or Macintosh computers with a browser (Netscape, Explorer or Safari) and a recent version of the QuickTime player. If you use this material, please fill out the on-line survey to give us YOUR FEEDBACK.

DOWNLOAD Interactive Cat Skull A folder will be saved on your computer containing all skull movies and their respective html pages. To use: open the page named "Begin_here" or the Index page.