While the first two categories remain the same ("4-H in Action" and "Nature's Beauty"), the topic of the third category will change each year and will be announced here on this Web site and in correspondence to 4-H agents shortly after each Congress. For the 2018 exhibit, the topic of the third category is "Light and Shadow." The other two categories, "4-H in Action" and "Nature's Beauty", will remain constant. We hope this will encourage our young photographers to be looking throughout the year for images that convey the essence of 4-H and the beauty in the world around them. Meanwhile, by changing the third category annually we will provide regular participants with new subject matter each year to keep those creative juices flowing.

Changes to photo submissions:
New this year: Please, if at all possible, email photo entries to
Please see the rules page for more information, or contact Ken Ellzey at the email address above.