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After registering for the 4-H Performing Arts Troupe, students will have the opportunity to audition for a role in this summer’s production or interview to be part of our Design Team. Auditions and interviews are the first step in the learning process for our students and are used to gauge each applicant’s current ability and skill level.

Performing Students should prepare a 2-4 minute audition that shows their talents in music, dance and acting. Applicants should try to create an audition that incorporates at least two of these areas and select material that works to give our directors the opportunity to see you at your best. Select a song that works well for your vocal range. Select a dance that will show how well you can move. Select a monologue or scene from a play that shows your range of acting talents. It's your chance to put your best foot forward by selecting material that works best for you. Think of it as a short 4-H Presentation.

Those who wish to apply our Design Team in the technical areas (sound, lighting, costuming, stage management and make-up) will be interviewed on the same day. Design Team students are encouraged to bring a resume of their experience and pictures of previous work.