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The Trail of Zephyros

Will Hooker, professor in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences' Department of Horticultural Science
Photo By Becky Kirkland
Will Hooker, professor in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences’ Department of Horticultural Science, fine-tunes the position of one of 161 bamboo poles that make up a sculpture he created in a field adjacent to the N.C. Museum of Art. The sculpture, titled “The Trail of Zephyros,” helps to mark a path leading to a museum exhibit, “The Cloud Chamber.” The poles in Hooker’s sculpture are set to have, he said, “a sensuously curving horizontal and vertical flow,” intended to emulate the movement of wind through a reconstructed Piedmont prairie. Hooker started the sculpture for the Southeastern Ecological Restoration Annual Conference held in Raleigh in the spring. “Now,” Hooker said, “the piece is part of an art park, which has many exhibits throughout the woods and meadows. And this park is free to anyone to wander around in.”

But like the wind, the bamboo sculpture’s beauty is fleeting. “My particular piece is ephemeral,” Hooker said. “It will last as long as it lasts sitting out in the weather. And if the museum’s plans to burn the meadow this fall actually happen, the bamboo will burn along with it — and that will be spectacular!”

— Terri Leith