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Moyer gives Morrison Lecture

Dr. James Moyer, head of the Department of Plant Pathology, gave the prestigious B.Y. Morrison Memorial Lecture recently during the American Society for Horticultural Science annual meeting.

The lectureship is co-sponsored by the Horticultural Science Society and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service. It is awarded annually for contributions to horticultural science. The recipient gives the lecture on a topic of his or her choice during the Horticultural Science Society annual meeting. The recipient also receives an honorarium and a medallion.

Moyer delivered the Morrison lecture in July at the annual Horticultural Science Society meeting in Las Vegas. His topic was "Tospoviruses and Floral Crops: A University-Industry-USDA Partnership for Science and Crop Improvement."

Moyer is internationally recognized for his research on viruses of vegetables and floral crops. He was instrumental in early research on the identification, characterization and development of clean-stock programs for viruses infecting sweetpotatoes. He also made fundamental discoveries on Tospoviruses leading to the basis for speciation among the viruses, genomic organization and more recently has been a leader in the molecular genetics and population biology of these viruses. He and Dr. George Kennedy also have made significant contributions to understanding the epidemiology and interaction of the virus with its insect vector.

- Dave Caldwell