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Chatham celebrates pollinators for third year

Photos by Debbie Roos

Honey bees as well as native bumble bees (above) are frequent visitors to a sourwood tree planted last fall at the pollinator garden at Chatham Marketplace. The bed, which features herbs as well as native perennials and vines, was center piece of the pollinator celebration held last month in Chatham County. For the third year, Chatham County Cooperative Extension and the Chatham County Beekeepers Association partnered for a pollinators' celebration in Pittsboro. Agent Debbie Roos says the event has grown every year, and she expects to repeat it next year. The purpose of National Pollinator Week is to teach pollinator-friendly practices and raise public awareness of the importance of the bees, beetles, butterflies, moths, flies, birds and bats that are needed to produce 80 percent of our flowering plants and one third of our human food crops.

NCDA State Apiary Inspection Supervisor Don Hopkins did several sessions inside the "bee cage," which allowed viewers to see a hive being worked up close.

The new bees were a big attraction for visitors of all ages, who were fascinated to watch the bees emerge and to see that they are very docile.