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Keeping playing fields in top shape is focus of Sports Turf Managers Field Day

Peter Ashe, Sports Turf Manager at UNCG, displays plugs during the North Carolina Sports Turf Managers Association fall Field Day. Photo by: Casey Reynolds

The North Carolina Sports Turf Managers Association (NCSTMA) held its fall Field Day Sept. 16 at UNC-Greensboro. Sports turf managers and their staff members are those responsible for getting and keeping fields in top shape for the big games. Thus field day activities focused on the challenges faced by sports turf managers from around the state and addressed important issues that keep sports fields around the area looking their best while enabling athletes to play their best.

More than 60 NCSTMA members came to learn about topics including Fall Weed Control Strategies for Overseeded Turfgrasses, Sprayer Calibration Mathematics, Infield Clay Management and more. Both the NCSTMA organization and the field day program itself have strong ties to the N.C. State University Turfgrass Program. Based in the university’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the program was ranked No. 1 in the nation by TurfNET magazine, July 2007. N.C. State turfgrass Extension faculty and personnel serve as advisers to the organization and work with the NCSTMA to disseminate the latest in turfgrass research and management practices. And several NCSTMA officers are CALS turfgrass program alumni.

Spectators are rarely aware of the work, dedication, time and, of course, money it takes sports turf managers and their staffs to prepare a field for play. From children’s T-Ball to professional sports, the field of play is constructed and maintained to maximize the aesthetics and safety of the venue.

The NCSTMA is a non-profit organization that helps sports turf managers at every level maximize resources and learn from each other. With more than 200 members -- and the support of the N.C. State Turfgrass Program -- it’s a great resource for field managers trying to improve their fields. – Jenifer Jordan Reynolds

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