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Bobcat sponsors tractor for turf field labs

Floyd Knight and Jay Melland present superintendent Bob Erickson keys to the 2010 versatile Bobcat Compact Tractor at NCSU's Lake Wheeler Turfgrass Research Field Lab.

This past October at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences’ Lake Wheeler Turfgrass Research Facility, Jay Melland and Floyd Knight presented the keys to a 2010 versatile Bobcat Compact Tractor to the N.C. State’s Turf Research Program. Bob Erickson, Turf Research lab superintendent, had communicated the program's need for a tractor, and Knight, of the Bobcat of Johnston County dealership, and the Bobcat family responded.

The tractor offers a blend of size, power and versatility for turfgrass management programs: It works as a skid steer, a tractor and a mower, and it can use several special attachments, including auger, trencher and grinders.

"Bobcat is known for its skid steers and other compact equipment, but the compact tractors are a new item to this year's inventory," said Melland, a district sales manager for Bobcat. "People are buying them to use for everything from home use to commercial landscape work- and in this economy, that's really saying something about the product."

Students can benefit from learning about the many turfgrass-friendly bells and whistles, such as front end loader, turf saver tires, compact turning radius, and safety seat. With its size, utility-based design features and pops of orange paint, this Bobcat is a welcomed addition to the NCSU Turfgrass Program.