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Cassady is executive director of Beef Improvement Federation

Dr. Joe Cassady

This past November, Dr. Joe Cassady, associate professor of animal science in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at N.C. State University, became executive director of the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF), during the organization's midyear board meeting in Saint Joseph, Mo.

Cassady’s research interests include quantitative and molecular genetics applications to
improve food animal production, including feed efficiency in beef cattle. Part of his research is supported by the American Angus Association.

As BIF executive director, Cassady will coordinate the activities of the board and ensure that its directives are properly executed. He will be responsible for documenting the activities and finances of the federation and fostering its long-term vision by keeping abreast of the industry, monitoring new technologies and assisting the board in incorporating those technologies into its overall mission.

"The beef cattle industry will continue to face many challenges, such as more restrictive environmental regulations, increased public interest regarding animal well-being and increasing input costs," Cassady said. "BIF's role is to provide guidance and education with specific regard to genetic improvement of beef cattle. BIF must assist seed-stock associations and producers in their efforts to meet the challenge of increased input costs by improving response to selection for economically important traits."

BIF was formed in 1968 to standardize performance evaluation programs and methodologies to create greater awareness, acceptance and usage of beef cattle performance concepts. The organization currently represents 57 member organizations, including state beef cattle improvement associations, breed associations, bull studs and sustaining members.

"I am thankful for this opportunity to serve the beef cattle industry," Cassady said, "and I look forward to working with the BIF board of directors in their efforts to improve the efficiency of beef production." –BIF release