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College honors Award for Excellence recipients

On front row, left to right, are winners Rachel McLaughlin, Anthony Cole and Janice Dotson, along with Michael Boykin of NCSU Human Resources. At back left Dr. Johnny Wynne, CALS dean, joins winners Christopher Niewoehner, Richard Parham and Paul Rudershausen.
Photo by Becky Kirkland

On April 9, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences presented its annual Awards for Excellence at the N.C. State University Club. Recipients for the calendar year 2008 were honored for outstanding service, productivity and contributions in the areas of innovation, public service, safety/heroism and/or human relations. Those honored include Richard Parham, on-campus supervisory/administrative, Department of Sociology and Anthropology; Rachel McLaughlin, on-campus secretarial/clerical, Department of Horticultural Science; Christopher Niewoehner, on-campus technical, Department of Soil Science; Janice Dotson, off-campus secretarial/clerical North Carolina Cooperative Extension Western District; Anthony Cole, off-campus technical/supervisory, Department of Soil Science Fletcher; and Paul Rudershausen, EPA, Department of Biology research assistant Morehead City.