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From The Dean

N.C. State Chancellor Marye Anne Fox joins Dean Jim Oblinger at the 2002 Gala in the Garden at JC Raulston Arboretum (story, 'Giving' section).     (Photo by Art Latham)

An inside look

ornate letter In a recent correspondence, a Perspectives reader told me that the magazine clearly illustrated why the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences exists and helped her to understand the interrelated functions of the 22 departments in the College.

It is our goal with every issue of Perspectives to give our readers an inside look at the life of the College and our research, teaching and extension activities in the labs, the classrooms and the field. While we seek to bring you current news of the College, we also want to take you to sites of the action, so you can experience our day-to-day work and meet the people who do it.

One stop in this issue is the Department of Zoology, where we give you an in-depth description of the teaching and research in a newly created neurobiology lab. Another stop is the Department of Agricultural and Extension Education, where you encounter the faculty team responsible for the state’s high-school agricultural education program.

You receive much more than a glimpse of off-campus activities at the Peanut Belt Research Station, no-till pumpkin-growing research fields, a mountain trout hatchery and cooperative produce markets — all the better to learn what’s happening with our research and extension support of traditional agriculture programs and developing commodities. And we take you quite far afield to observe Dr. Adrienne Crosier and Kimberly Ange of the Animal Science Department, as they work with cheetahs and the dogs that guard livestock against the big cats in Africa.

In these pages, you get to know Dr. Dennis Brown and Dr. Raquel Hernandez of the Department of Molecular and Structural Biochemistry, who have discovered a method to create a vaccine against mosquito-borne diseases, and Dr. Wes Watson of Entomology, who is developing a new waste management system for hog farmers. You meet College alumna Janna Franklin, a graduate student involved in ground-breaking poultry science research as well as teaching a timely new course in conversational Spanish in the Agricultural Institute. And, at our Donor Recognition Gala, you meet some of the benefactors and volunteers who help enable our work.

We take you to the settings where the drama of the College’s daily life unfolds and where faculty, students, scientists, extension personnel, alumni and clientele all play important roles. Our College is a busy place, and we want you to be a part of that business, to see and understand what’s happening.


James L. Oblinger
Dean, College of Agriculture
and Life Sciences
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