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Jones Endowment will fund scholarships for students in food science/bioprocessing programs

Dr. Johnny Wynne (right) thanks Maryetta Jones and Dr. Vic Jones for their generosity to the College.
Photo by Daniel Kim

A retired food science professor and his wife have established a new scholarship endowment in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. On March 28, Dr. Vic Jones and his wife, Maryetta, signed into creation the Victor A. and Maryetta A. Jones Scholarship Endowment. The endowment, funded with a gift of real estate, will be used to provide scholarships for undergraduate students or fellowships for graduate students enrolled in food or bioprocessing science in the Department of Food Science.

The scholarship awards are designated as merit-based, but not strictly so, said Jones. "This is a merit scholarship but is not limited to that. It is flexible to suit the Food Science Department's scholarship needs, whether merit-based or need-based, for students in bioprocessing or for other food science students," he said.

"Food Science through the years has had a strong scholarship program that has done a lot to help recruit good students. It's nice to be able to return a little bit to what we have benefited from."

Dr. Ken Esbenshade, director of Academic Programs in the College, said, "As a faculty member serving on the College scholarship committee, Vic always knew who in his department needed scholarships and the types of scholarships available. He made many contributions to students, and now in retirement he is still contributing. This will support students in food science and in the new, emerging bioprocessing area, which promises many opportunities for students in years to come."

The careers of both Vic and Maryetta Jones were dedicated to encouraging students in personal development and academic excellence during his tenure as professor of food science and hers as an elementary school teacher in the Wake County schools.

Describing the Joneses, Dr. Donn Ward, interim head of the Food Science Department, said, "There's a perceptible vitality to everything Vic does and an optimism that drives him, while Maryetta is the picture of serenity as well as optimism. But they have always shared a genuine loyalty and passion for the Department of Food Science. That's obvious through this generous gift that they're bestowing to the department. On behalf of the entire department, I thank you for your generosity and for your continued involvement in the life of the department."

Dr. Ken Swartzel, previous head of the department, spoke as a former student of Vic Jones. "One thing about Vic, he always has to fix something and make it better. When I was a student, he made me better. Along with my parents, he, as a teacher, put me where I am today. And Maryetta, in the public schools, was helping students on another level," Swartzel said. "On behalf of myself and the hundreds of other students whose lives you have touched, I thank you."

-Terri Leith