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N.C. State announces new William Neal Reynolds Professors

The 2005 William Neal Reynolds Professorship recipients, including these 12 from the College, were honored in November.
Photo by Becky Kirkland

Twelve faculty in the N.C. State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences have been named William Neal Reynolds Professors, one of the highest distinctions attainable by faculty at the university.

The Reynolds Professorships were established in 1950 by William Neal Reynolds, long-time president and board chairman of the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, to recognize and support outstanding faculty achievement in research, teaching and extension.According to the endowment agreement, the professorships "will be for the purpose of selecting and retaining in the College's faculty and staff great scholars, great teachers, great scientists, and great interpreters."

Since then, N.C. State and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences have awarded 68 William Neal Reynolds Professorships, including this year's 12. The 2005 recipients were honored on Nov. 30.

"These faculty embody the very best our College has to offer," said Dean Johnny Wynne. "They demonstrate the legacy of the Reynolds Professorship through outstanding achievements and innovations in research, teaching and extension that impact the university and are broadly recognized at national and international levels."

The 2005 William Neal Reynolds Professors, in alphabetical order:

Dr. Charles S. Apperson, professor of entomology
Dr. Rebecca S. Boston, professor of botany
Dr. Marie Davidian, professor of statistics
Dr. Ralph A. Dean, professor of plant pathology
Dr. Gregory C. Gibson, professor of genetics
Dr. Barry K. Goodwin, professor of agricultural and resource economics
Dr. Linda K. Hanley-Bowdoin, professor of molecular and structural biochemistry
Dr. Jack Odle, professor of animal science
Dr. Gary A. Payne, professor of plant pathology
Dr. Michael D. Purugganan, professor of genetics
Dr. Craig V. Sullivan, professor of zoology
Dr. Zhao-Bang Zeng, professor of statistics and genetics.

- Suzanne Stanard