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Degussa creates feed milling scholarship

The Degussa Feed Milling Scholarship Endowment, established recently in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at N.C. State University, will create a new undergraduate scholarship in feed milling.

The leadership of Degussa, a global market leader in specialty chemicals, including feed-grade amino acids, established the endowment "in recognition of the importance of high-quality university training in the area of feed milling and in the opportunities made available through the establishment of the feed mill facility at N.C. State," according to the endowment agreement.

The merit-based scholarship will be available to students who have demonstrated interest and aptitude in animal agriculture, with particular emphasis in feed milling.

A new feed mill at N.C. State, expected to open in fall 2007, will create hands-on opportunities for students to learn the principles and methods of feed manufacture. It will be the centerpiece of the College's Feed Milling Education Initiative, designed to prepare students for leadership roles in the feed milling industry and to provide the underlying educational and research programs required to support a sustainable industry.

-Suzanne Stanard