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Opening Doors

Photo by Daniel Kim

When it comes to raising awareness of diversity, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is opening doors for N.C. State University employees. Since 2005, the College has offered three-day fall and spring retreats called "Opening Doors: A Personal and Professional Journey." N.C. State's Office for Diversity and African-American Affairs has since adopted the model for universitywide training. In January, workshop alumni came together to reflect on what they had learned and ways they had or could put that understanding at work, at home and in their communities. Participants reported that they'd made progress in expanding study groups, networks, workshops and other opportunities aimed at promoting greater understanding and helping create a more inclusive campus environment. As participant Carol Apperson, administrative manager in the Department of Plant Biology, noted, "Opening Doors not only made me more aware of who I am, but also helped me to understand others and try to see the world through their eyes. It is a process everyone should experience."

- Dee Shore