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Ristaino takes class to Costa Rica

Photo courtesy Jean Ristaino

In March, Dr. Jean Ristaino (front, third from left), CALS professor of plant pathology, led students in her tropical plant pathology class to Costa Rica for a nine-day intensive field tour of tropical crops. Costa Rican former student and colleague Dr. Luis Gomez, assisted by Dr. Arturo Brenes and Dr. Roberto Valverde, all of the University of Costa Rica, arranged the field visits in Costa Rica. The group toured coffee, banana, pineapple, potato, sugar cane, root and tuber tropical fruit plantations, as well as cacao and vegetable farms and packing houses and sugar refineries. They learned about the diseases, history and social and political issues facing farmers in the developing world. The class trip was funded by the Office of International Science and Engineering of the National Science Foundation with additional support from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and USDA APHIS.

The class included graduate students from many CALS departments - including Entomology, Plant Pathology, Environmental and Molecular Toxicology, Horticultural Science, and Agricultural and Resource Economics - along with five Extension agents.