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The biggest CALS event of the year is almost here! Come and celebrate the past, present and future! Hosted by the CALS Alumni and Friends Society, Tailgate 2004 is a weekend filled with celebration of friendships, achievements and activities of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Friday, October 1.  CALS Distinguished Alumni Awards Reception 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Hosted by the Dean at the Toxicology Building auditorium, Centennial Campus Honoring alumni, faculty and friends, award-winners
Be a part of our PEP RALLY! Go Pack! After the rally, shuttles will take you from Dorton to Trinity Road (fair entrance closest to stadium – buses do not leave fairgrounds parking lot) CALS Alumni and Friends Society will have the largest block of seats for the N.C. State vs. Wake Forest game, so wear your CALS gear! Please note: Football tickets are very limited. Place your orders as soon as possible. All football ticket only orders will have second priority to Tailgate and Football Combo orders, so be sure to order your Tailgate tickets! For more information and registration form, call CALS Alumni & Friends Society at 919-515-7222, visit or email us: