Perspectives Online, The Magazine of The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Summer 2005 Issue

If Samuel Ledgerwood Patterson had had his way, the building that bears his name and houses the administrative offices of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences would have been in downtown Raleigh. That’s one of many fascinating facts to be found about the building known as Patterson Hall, which this year turns 100.
Ag Hall on Ag Hill. Patterson Hall is 100 years old. Stretching Boundaries. Student commencement speaker Anna Edens preaches the philosophy of education that she practiced. Of Fish and Fowl. Improved succulence and texture in fish and poultry products is the goal of College food scientists. Nooo Kidding. A western North Carolina goat college packs ’em College Profile. Dr. Carm Parkhurst has spent 34 years making sure his students get the education they’ve paid for.