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Lace bugs on your azaleas?

Aphids on your roses?

What's a gardener to do?

This CD will tell you!

"Common Insect Pests of the Landscape" CD

The first step in attacking common landscape pests is to identify what bugs them, then learn the proper strategies for control.

To help home gardeners learn more about pests and pest management, the College of Agriculture and Life SciencesDepartment of Communication Services has developed a computer CD entitled, “Common Insect Pests of the Landscape.”

Video and still images of insects show gardeners what the pests look like, with explanation of the steps to take in controlling them. The presentation also features links to World Wide Web sites with additional pest control information, such as strategies for Integrated Pest Management.

You’ll see insects commonly found in the North Carolina landscape: the aphid, Japanese beetle, azalea lace bug, spruce spider mite, Southern red mite, boxwood leafminer, bagworm, fall webworm, tea scale and fire ant.

The CD was unveiled at the 2000 N.C. State Fair at Cooperative Extension’s exhibit in Cyberspace. It will run on Windows 95/98 or Mac OS 7.5.5 systems or higher.

The public can now order the CD by writing to Insect Pests CD, Communication Services, N.C. State University, Campus Box 7603, Raleigh, NC 27695-7603. The cost is $12 per CD, and checks should be made payable to N.C. State University.


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