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New and improved David Clark Laboratory opens

Clark Labs re-opened with the presentation of a plaque from CALS Dean Dr. Johnny Wynne (left) to Dr. Thurman Grove, head of the Department of Zoology, and building committee members Dr. Russell Borski, Dr. Nick Haddad, Chris Smith, Dr. William Grant and Dr. Herb Underwood.
Photo by Daniel Kim

On Sept. 20, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences celebrated the re-opening of the newly renovated and expanded David Clark Laboratory. The facility, originally constructed in 1939, houses teaching and research programs affiliated with the College's Department of Zoology and its biological sciences program. Funded by the 2000 University of North Carolina Higher Education Bond Referendum, the project entailed renovations of approximately 41,800 square feet of existing interior space and the addition of space that includes new state-of-the-art research laboratories and additional classroom space for the growing Department of Zoology. The new structure will allow the department's faculty and staff now to be housed together in one building.