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College benefactors celebrated at 2009 Donor Recognition

Dr. Durward Bateman (left), former College dean, and his wife, Shirley (right), are joined by Lauren Forbes, recipient of a scholarship endowed in the Batemans’ name.
Photo by Becky Kirkland

This year’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Donor Recognition event was scaled down a bit in the spirit of economic good stewardship in these budget-watching times. However, the on-campus dessert reception was a hit with the College donors who applauded the frugality and the opportunity to get together with scholarship students and other recipients and to tour the many College exhibits on display in the McKimmon Center on Oct. 25.

Dr. Johnny Wynne, dean of the College and reception host, welcomed the donors and thanked them for their outstanding support and leadership. Also present were a number of CALS student scholarship and fellowship recipients, as well as faculty benefiting from professorships and other endowments.

“Our College is very fortunate to have more than 700 endowments supporting our many wonderful programs and departments,” Wynne said.

“For those of you who have attended the Donor Recognition Gala in the past, you will notice we’ve changed this event a bit,” he said. “We felt it important to provide our donors and recipients the opportunity to meet and socialize at a College event, but in light of the current economy, we felt it appropriate to reduce costs this year. We hope you are enjoying the dessert reception, but most of all enjoying the fellowship and learning about our College by visiting the displays set up around the room.”

Among those displays were exhibits of College-related efforts in farm safety, aquaculture, soil science, and watershed management and ecosystem restoration and protection. Also highlighted were the 4-H Campaign for the Clover, 4-H Museum and History Center and youth educational programs, NCSU ice cream production, and Kannapolis-based “N.C. MarketReady” and “The Produce Lady.”

In closing, Wynne told the group, “In these especially hard times, your investments and efforts are more critical than at any time in our history. You are the difference in making our College not just a good College but a great College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.”

—Terri Leith