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4-H’ers focus on civic engagement

Group shot of participants

For North Carolina’s state 4-H president Oshė Pittman, 4-H Citizenship North Carolina Focus has become an important stop on his journey toward becoming a judge. “I’ve always had a big voice, but this event has helped me further develop my leadership skills and helped me gain skills as a follower as well,” Pittman explained, “because it’s important to be a team player if you want to get things done.” And getting things done was what the three-day event was all about.

Entomologists combat fruit-damaging fly

Spotted-wing vinegar fly on raspberry.

From the first swelling of fruit in a blueberry field to the moment a consumer savors the finished product, the quality of that berry should remain high. North Carolina’s $66 million blueberry industry is determined to keep it that way, and farmers spent an extra $36-54 per acre on pesticides alone in 2012. An emerging threat to the state's $104.6 million small fruit industry, including raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries, is a tiny fly from Asia known as spotted wing drosophila. NC State University's Dr. Hannah J. Burrack spoke about her research on SWD detection and management in a recent webinar hosted by Marron Bio Innovations.

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