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CALS Sustainability Office kicks off Pollinator Health Initiative with meet-and-greet event

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live honeybee hive demonstrations at the Pollinator Health Initiative meet-and-greetPhoto by Carla DavisLive honeybee hive demonstrations captivated participants at the Pollinator Health Initiative meet-and-greet event.

As part of National Pollinator Week, the CALS Office of Sustainability Programs hosted a meet-and-greet event for its new Pollinator Health Initiative on June 21 at E.S. King Village in Raleigh.

The event – which was attended by residents of E.S. King Village, CALS faculty and staff, and industry partners – was designed to help raise awareness of pollinator health issues.

Event participants had the opportunity to see a live demonstration hive and talk with the college’s Dr. David Tarpy, associate professor and Extension apiculturist, and graduate students from the NC State Apiculture Program.

The Office of Sustainability Programs has partnered with Tarpy’s program to establish live and demonstration beehives around the NC State campus. The hives will be used for research, education and outreach to raise awareness about honeybee health.

Burt’s Bees and Bayer CropScience also are partners in the Pollinator Health Initiative.

“Our college is taking significant steps to educate our community about shrinking green space, increasing food production and enhancing food safety,” said Dr. Danesha Seth Carley, coordinator of the CALS Office of Sustainability. “As part of this mission, we are dedicated to research in bee health, colony collapse disorder and other challenges facing bee pollinators. We hope that through our Pollinator Health Initiative, we are able to raise public awareness and open a dialogue about pollinator conservation.”

— S. Stanard

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