Using the Logo

new Extension logo

Logos can be a symbol or a symbol paired with text. Typically, a logo's design is for immediate recognition. A logo is an important part of a company’s brand. Its shape, font and colors should be different from those used by similar organizations.

Using the Extension logo consistently and correctly helps people recognize materials that are yours. It is important to include the Extension logo on all printed materials, either through templates provided in the Toolkit or by adding the logo from Extension’s logo download page.

In 2008, the N.C. Cooperative Extension logo was modified. The updated logo includes Extension’s new slogan as the bottom line, “Empowering people. Providing solutions.” In addition the typeface for the two university names is lighter to help “NC Cooperative Extension” stand out more.

Why Update the Logo?

Extension changed its slogan, which  is part of the logo. The type revisions enhance visibility.

Why Can't I Change the Logo?

Consistency is the hallmark of effective branding and marketing. Using the same image time and again increases name recognition and immediate identification of this image with Cooperative Extension. Changes to the colors, fonts or text defeat this purpose and are not allowed.

Logo Colors

The colors used in the two bars of the logo reflect the official colors of the two universities that Cooperative Extension represents.

The top bar is PMS 186 red, the color specified for N.C. State University.

The bottom bar is PMS 288 blue, the color specified for N.C. A&T State University.

Logo Applications

The Extension logo can be used in several color formats, depending on the publication’s context.

Three-Color Logo

three-color Extension logo

With red and blue bars, this logo is used on signs, banners, certificates and permanent name badges. It can also be used in full-color print publications.

Solid Black Logo

Solid black Extension logo

Appropriate for any publication, especially where only black ink is used. Do not print in any other single color.

Gray-Scale Logo

gray_scale Extension logo

This version of the logo is black, but the two bars are printed in gray-scale to indicate they are different colors. Use in black ink publications.

Reversed Logo

The logo can be printed in white – reversed – when printing on a dark paper or contrasting ink color.

Extension logo with reversed type

Logo Downloads

Variations of the Extension logo can be downloaded from the logo download page. Downloaded logos can be reduced in size but cannot be enlarged without losing resolution.

To get the best logo look, choose a download based on whether it will be used for a print publication or a website.

For a custom-designed logo for your publication or website, contact the University Communication Services Design Team or Natalie Hampton,, 919-513-3128.

Custom Logos for Each County

The Extension logo should be used as it is designed with the one exception. Counties may customize the logo by adding the county center’s name, “Adams County Center,” underneath the slogan of the logo. A color version of each county logo is now available at the Extension logo download website.