2008 Junior Livestock Show Schedules

You can copy and paste the following information into a word file and then e-mail the information back or you can print this form out and mail the information back to us.  

Please provide the following information, so that your event will be in the 2007 show schedule.

  1. Location of Show:_________________________________________________________
    1. Person in Charge:_____________________________Phone#______________________
    2. E-mail:_____________________________

Date & Time of Steer Show:_________________________________________________

Date & Time of Hog Show:_________________________________________________

Date & Time of Market Lamb Show:__________________________________________

Date & Time of Meat Goat Show:____________________________________________

Date & Time of Heifer Show:_______________________________________________

Date & Time of Ewe Show:_________________________________________________

Estimated Number of: Steers_____ Hogs:_____ Lambs:____

Heifers____ Goats_____ Ewes: _____

OTHER (Species & Number) ____________________________

  1. Date and Time of Judging Contest:___________________________________________

Contact Person: __________________________________Ph#_____________________

  1. Market Steer Performance Index Participants:_________
  2. Steer must be weighed on feed at least 120 days before the show to be eligible for the Performance Index Contest (4-H, R-5-14)
  3. If you need assistance in securing a judge(s) for your show please contact us.


Return by January 15, 2008 to: Brent J. Jennings, 4-H Youth Livestock Technician

Box 7621, NCSU

Raleigh, NC 27695-7621

E-mail: brent_jennings@ncsu.edu