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The Beef Cattle Genetics program in Extension is responsible for the North Carolina Beef Cattle Improvement Program at NCSU; a cooperative herd improvement program in connection with the North Carolina Cattlemen's Association. NC BCIP includes an on-farm beef cattle performance testing program, and four central bull testing stations - Butner (silage-based diet), Salisbury (self-fed, complete dry ration), Waynesville (silage-based diet) and Sampson County (forage-based, grazing program).

Publications concerning Genetics and Herd Improvement include:

Inheritance of Polledness, Horns and Scurs in Beef Cattle
B. C. Allison
Seventh Edition of Guidelines for Uniform Beef Improvement Programs Available
R. L. McCraw
Colors in Beef Cattle
B.C. Allison
Effect of Selection for Marbling On Other Traits
R.E. Lichtenwalner
American Angus Registrations
R.L. McCraw
Evaluation of Crossbred Calf- and Cow-Types for the Coastal Plain of North Carolina
O.W. Robinson, R.L. McCraw and C. Talbott

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