Ruminant Nutrition
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Our Extension Ruminant Nutrition program involves production of cattle, sheep and goats making optimal use of feed resources. Some of the resources to be considered here are alternative byproduct feed sources that can be used to provide optimal nutrition. Mineral supplementation, feed budgeting, body condition scoring, feed testing and ration balancing are also stressed.

Publications and Fact Sheets concerning Ruminant Nutrition include:

2007 Drought Management Information

A Ten Point Plan for Winter Feeding Beef Cow (pdf format)
         Matt Poore, PhD, Dawn Capucille, DVM, Peter Moisan, DVM 

Nitrate Management in Beef (pdf format)
        M.H. Poore, PhD, Jim Green, PhD, Glenn Rogers, DVM, MS, Karen Spivey, NCCES, Kathy Dugan, MS
Managing Beef Cattle on Forage
M. H. Poore
Alternative Feeding Programs for Developing Replacement Heifers
M. H. Poore
Nutrition for Developing Replacement Heifers
M. H. Poore
Forage Production and Utilization is the Key to Profitable Beef Production
M. H. Poore
Cornstalks for Thought: Utilization of Corn Residue Grazing as a Major Feed Source for Beef Cattle in North Carolina
S.R. Chandler, NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine
Potential for Gossypol Toxicity When Feeding Whole Cottonseed
M.H. Poore and G.M. Rogers, DVM
Use of Soybean Hulls in Hay-based Rations for Growing Cattle
B.C. Allison, R.L. McCraw, and M.H. Poore
Broiler and Turkey Litter as Protein Supplements for Growing Steers
R.W. Harvey, J.W. Spears, and M.H. Poore
Zinc Methionine in a Mineral Supplement for Summer Stocker Calves
M.H. Poore, B.C. Allison, R.L. McCraw, and J.W. Spears
Corn Gluten Feed as an Alternative Concentrate Source for Growing Steer Calves Fed Orchardgrass Hay-based Diets
M.H. Poore and J.P. Mueller
Differences in Copper Status among Angus, Simmental and Charlois Cattle
J.D. Ward and J.W. Spears
Deep Stacked Broiler Litter as a Protein Supplement for Dairy Replacement Heifers
B.A. Hopkins and M.H. Poore
Effect of Organic Trace Minerals on Performance of Grazing Steers
B.C. Allison, J.W. Spears, M.H. Poore and R.L. McCraw
Feeding Value of Corn Gluten Feed, Distillers Grains, and Whole Cottonseed in Corn Silage-Based Rations for Growing Steers
B.C. Allison and M.H. Poore
Feeding Value of Soy Hulls in Rations for Growing Steers Winter Stocker Demonstration - Waynesville 1993-94
B.C. Allison, M.H. Poore and R.L. McCraw
Mineral Levels in Winter Forages for Beef Cattle
M.H. Poore
Whole Cottonseed and Cotton Textile Mill Waste in Sorghum Silage-Based Diets for Developing Heifers
M.H. Poore
Understanding and Coping with Effects of Mycotoxins in Livestock Feed and Forage 
F.T. Jones, M.B. Genter, W.M. Hagler, J.A. Hansen, B.A. Mowrey, M.H. Poore, L.W. Whitlow
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NCSU/USDA Forage Program

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