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Because of the many species and program areas Extension Animal Husbandry works with at NCSU, our publications cover an extremely broad range in topics. In addition, our specialists work across departments, universities, states, and sometimes, continents.

Below you will find our publications grouped by the publication series. We have our Extension Animal Husbandry Newsletters, our Fact Sheets, the Animal Science Annual Reports

and other publications from special projects. If you prefer to look at program topics, just return to our Home Page and search within the program areas.

NOTE: We are redoing many of our pages - please let us know if you prefer the newer look and bear with us as we EXPAND our pages!

Animal Husbandry Newsletter

Additional information about Extension Animal Husbandry programs can be found in the Animal Husbandry Newsletter. The Newsletter is published monthly or bi-monthly and includes articles written by EAH faculty and staff as well as Extension Agents and NCSU Veterinary School scholars.
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Extension Animal Husbandry Fact Sheets

           Controlling Pinkeye in Cattle 
           Roger L. McCraw Extension Livestock Specialist
   Embryo Collection and Transfer Options for Beef Producers 
           Kevin J. Rozeboom, Ph.D. Extension Beef Specialist

Animal Science Annual Reports - Extension Animal Husbandry Publications

1995 Department of Animal Science Annual Report:
Effectiveness of Ralgro® Growth Implants and Melengestrol Acetate in Supressing Estrus and Promoting Weight Gain in Growing Heifers
B.C. Allison and R.L. McCraw
Effects of Vaccination on Weight Gain of Young Calves
B.C. Allison and R.L. McCraw
Use of Soybean Hulls in Hay-based Rations for Growing Cattle
B.C. Allison, R.L. McCraw, and M.H. Poore
Broiler and Turkey Litter as Protein Supplements for Growing Steers
R.W. Harvey, J.W. Spears, and M.H. Poore
Zinc Methionine in a Mineral Supplement for Summer Stocker Calves
M.H. Poore, B.C. Allison, R.L. McCraw, and J.W. Spears
Influence of Grain Supplementation on Growth of Weanling Goats
M.H. Poore and J.T. Green
Use of Alfalfa Pasture for Finishing Lambs
M.H. Poore and J.T. Green
Corn Gluten Feed as an Alternative Concentrate Source for Growing Steer Calves Fed Orchardgrass Hay-based Diets
M.H. Poore and J.P. Mueller
Differences in Copper Status among Angus, Simmental and Charlois Cattle
J.D. Ward and J.W. Spears
Deep Stacked Broiler Litter as a Protein Supplement for Dairy Replacement Heifers
B.A. Hopkins and M.H. Poore


1994 Department of Animal Science Annual Report:

Other Publications

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