2005 Senior Dairy Quiz Bowl Questions Round 06


Phase B 5 Questions Correct answers are worth 10 points each.


Only the team being asked the questions is to be in the room. Each team will be asked these 5 questions. Answers are to be given by a team captain, but assistance may come from any team member. A question may be repeated only once. Answers must be started within 20 seconds. Partial credit may be given at the discretion of the judges. After one team has been questioned, the other team will enter the contest room and be asked the same 5 questions.


1. In reference to forages, what is the name of the indigestible component of the cell walls?


ANS: Lignin


2. On a Holstein pedigree, what do the letters TPI stand for?


ANS: Type-Production Index


3. What is the name of the bacteria that causes the disease known as “ Circling Disease” in cattle?


ANS: Listeria


4. When comparing bulls for artificial insemination, what does “ ERCR” stand for?


ANS: Estimated Relative Conception Rate


5. In the dairy cow’s reproductive tract, where does fertilization of the ova take place?


ANS: oviduct















Phase C 20 Questions Correct answers are worth 15 points each.


Both teams are in the room for Phase C. The first contestant to signal will answer the question within 5 seconds after being acknowledged by the moderator. Failure to do so will cost that team 10 points. Any contestant answering a question without being acknowledged by the moderator will lose 10 points. If an answer is incorrect, members of the other team will have the opportunity to answer the question without having it reread except for true/false, either or and yes or no type questions. If an answer is given in these types of questions, the question will be replaced with a tie breaker question, and given to the other team. No points are deducted for giving an incorrect answer. Team members are not allowed to discuss the answers in this phase. No partial credit is available in Phase C, except for bonus questions. If neither team can offer an answer to the question within 10 seconds, the moderator will give the answer and the question will be dropped but neither team will forfeit points.


1. Chromosomes are found in the nucleus of the cell. How many pairs of chromosomes do dairy cattle have?


a) 10 b) 20 c) 30 d) 40


ANS: c) 30


2. Which one of the following compartments of the ruminant stomach secretes acid?


a) rumen b) reticulum c) omasum d) abomasum


ANS: d) abomasum


3. What are the basic structural units of protein?


ANS: Amino acids


4. In humans, what mineral is associated with the prevention of osteoporosis?


ANS: Calcium


5. In reference to the dairy industry, what does “ NMPF” stand for?


ANS: National Milk Producers Federation


6. What is another name for the foot problem “ founder” caused by acidosis in dairy cattle?


ANS: Laminitis



7. When are the two times that a cow is most susceptible to becoming infected with coliform mastitis?


a) peak lactation and dry off b) at calving and at dry off

c) peak lactation and mid dry period


ANS: b) at calving and at dry off


8. What is the condition called when an excessive amount of lymph fluid accumulates between the skin and the secretory tissue of the udder in a cow after calving?


ANS: Udder edema


9. Which of the following are the two most limiting amino acids in dairy cattle nutrition?


a) arginine and threonine b) methionine and lysine c) leucine and valine


ANS: b) methionine and lysine


10. When should the newborn calf receive its first feeding of colostrum?


a) at 3 days of age b) after the first day of life

c) as soon as possible, preferably within the first 30 minutes of life


ANS: c) as soon as possible, preferably within the first 30 minutes of life


11. A deficiency of which of the following vitamins in the lactating cow’s diet can cause an oxidized flavor to develop in milk:


a) Vitamin A b) Vitamin C c) Vitamin D d) Vitamin E


ANS: d) Vitamin E


12. Bypass protein refers to the part of feed protein that, in the cow’s rumen, is :


a) degraded b) undegraded c) fermented to volatile fatty acids


ANS: b) undegraded


13. On the Dairy Cow Unified Score Card, under which category is the “ hocks”?


ANS: Feet and Legs




14. What is the name of the by-product that results from the cheese manufacturing process?


ANS: Whey


15. What is the common name for diarrhea in calves?


ANS: Scours


16. On a dairy cow, which are wider, the pin bones or the hip bones?


ANS: hip bones


17. In reference to feed analysis, what do the initials “ NPN” stand for?


ANS: Non-protein nitrogen


18. Which of the following describes what is meant by the “ morbidity rate”?


a) number of dead animals b) number of pregnant animals c) number of sick animals


ANS: c) number of sick animals


19. In a dairy animal, what is the name of the tube that connects the mouth to the rumen?


ANS: esophagus


20. Which of the following describes acetate, propionate and butyrate?


a) three primary volatile fatty acids produced in the rumen b) three of the essential amino acids

c) three vitamins required in the ration


ANS: a) three primary volatile fatty acids produced in the rumen













Bonus Questions Each bonus question is worth 20 points.



Bonus questions may be earned in the toss‑up round. To receive a bonus question, 3 different team members must correctly answer the toss‑up questions. Bonus questions are not passed to the other team, nor are points deducted for an incomplete or incorrect answer to the question. Bonus question will be asked whenever 3 team members have answered toss‑up questions correctly with the count kept individually for both teams within a match. Eligibility for bonus questions does not carry over to another match. The answers must come from the team captain but assistance can come from the other team members. Only the number or answers required by the bonus question will be accepted. Example: If the bonus has a four‑part answer ‑ the first four answers given by the team will be accepted. Answers to a bonus question must start within 20 seconds and be completed within 60 seconds.


1. In reference to dairy cattle nutrition, what does “ RUP” stand for?


ANS: rumen undegradable protein


2. In what city and state is the World Dairy Expo held?


ANS: Madison, Wisconsin


3. On the PDCA Dairy Cow Unified Score Card, how many points are assigned to the Frame category?


ANS: 15 points