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The future of the dairy industry will depend on knowledgeable people who understand recommended dairy farming practices and are well informed about current issues facing dairy farmers and the entire dairy industry.

The 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl is an activity designed to encourage youth to become more knowledgeable about dairy farming and the dairy industry. This knowledge will be of great value as they pursue higher education and will be extremely useful in the development of dairy industry leadership.



The Dairy Quiz Bowl is a contest with dairy topic questions. One statewide contest is held each year. Teams compete with each other in giving oral answers to questions posed by a contest moderator. The teams receive credit for correct answers and in some cases, a penalty for not answering. A written exam is also part of the senior division contest at the state level.

Any boy or girl, ages' 9-19 is eligible to participate. Contests will be held for both the junior and senior divisions.

Each county may enter an unlimited number of senior and/or junior teams. Counties must designate teams by age categories: Senior or Junior Division. Multi-County teams that are composed of youth from different counties may be entered as a county team. However, the team name must list the counties represented in which the youths reside. The intent of the 'Multi-County team' designation is to provide youth with activities that are not otherwise available in their area.

A team must have at least (3) members. Junior and Senior teams are strongly encouraged to have four(4) members and may have alternates. Each team must have a team captain. Teams with fewer than four(4) members may compete but do so at a disadvantage in the written portion of the state senior contest (lowest score is doubled and is used as a fourth score). One or more alternates may be entered as substitutes at the beginning of any phase of the contest. Team members and alternates must be registered for the Dairy Quiz Bowl Contest.

 Junior Division

 Senior Division


A moderator or chairperson will direct the Dairy Quiz Bowl. The moderator will ask all the question. A judge will determine if answers are correct. The moderator assumes the responsibility of keeping the contest moving and keeping the contestants informed.

A timekeeper and two scorekeepers should assist the moderator. The line judge will determine which team signaled first in those rounds where there is competition to determine which team gets the first chance to answer a question. The time keeper can also function as a line judge if a responder system is not available. The scorekeepers will keep track of the scores, total them at the end of each round, and report to the moderator.

Junior Division

Senior Division


Members of the winning State Junior and Senior Division teams (and up to 2 alternates) with their coaches will receive individual Plaques and Rosette Ribbons. Second and Third place teams in both divisions will receive individual Rosette Ribbons.

Revised by Dr. Brinton A. Hopkins, Extension Dairy Specialist, 4/2001.

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