Short Articles on Various Milking and MastitisManagement Topics

2008 Articles:

Monitoring Subclinical Mastitis Level

Summer Heat Stress

How Does Your Dairy Operation Compare?

Getting More Profit from Your Cows in Tough Economic Times

Prepare Now for Summer's Heat

Dry Period Mastitis Management Reports

The Changing Dairy Scene

The Effects of Shorter Dry Periods

2007 Articles:

Review Your Mastitis Management Program & Goals

Will Plants Help Control Mastitis?

Summer's Impact Lingers Into Fall

Pay Attention to Cow Daily Resting Time

Raw Milk Bacteria Tests - What Do they Indicate?

Updated Thoughts On Heifer Mastitis and Its Control

Milk Quality and FreeStall Bedding Management

Average Yearly DHI SCCs Continue to Decline

Animal Welfare - A Priority For Producing Quality Milk

Improving Udder Health Through Sire Selection

Are Your Herd's SCCs Improving?

Review Your Mastitis Control Program

2006 Articles:

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Cows

Keep Your Cows Comfortable

Milk Quality - Who Is Responsible?

Fall Mastitis Management Suggestions

Teat Dipping Heifer Udders Prepartum

Treating Heifers Prepartum For Mastitis

Cool Dry Cows While They Eat

Dry Period Lengths Revisited

The Effects of Treating Subclinical Mastitis

Antimicrobial Resistance of Mastitis Pathogens

Can You Select for Mastitis Resistance?

An Update On Milking Frequency

2005 Articles:

Practices That Might Impact Udder Health

Mastitis Extended Antibiotic Therapy Using Ceftiofur

The Changing Mastitis Research Scene

Dry Periods Are Important

Somatic Cell Counts Continue To Decline In DHIA Herds

Mastitis During Early Lactation Affects Reproductive Performance

Combating the Summer Rise In SCC

The Components of Producing High Quality Milk

Review Your Milking Management Practices

The Effects of Early Lactation SCCs in Heifers

Dry-Off Milk Yield and Mastitis

The SCC Debate Continues

2004 Articles:

Management Factors That Affect Herd SCC Values

Monitoring Bulk Tank Milk

What Milk Quality Practices Do You Use?

Environmental Mastitis

Take Another Look at Free Stall Bedding

Milk Somatic Cell Count Levels Trend Downward

Early Mastitis Detection Is Important

Treating Clinical Mastitis

Overmilking and Teat Condition

Milk Quality and Future Dairy Foods Marketing

Mastitis Management in Heifers

2003 Articles:

Milking Frequency - How Often for Your Herd?

Should You Be Regulating Day Length During the Dry Period?

Review Your Clinical Mastitis Treatment Protocol

Bedding Management and Udder Health

Get 'Em Clean!

A New Mastitis Management Tool

Update on Coliform Vaccination Programs

An Update on Staphylococcus aureus Mastitis

What to Consider When Selecting High Quality Milk Producers

Is There A Relationship Between SCCs and Milk Prices?

Establishing Goals for a Mastitis Management Program

2002 Articles:

Mastitis Management Strategies

Shorter Dry Periods May Be An Option

Management Practices That Can Improve Nitrogen Utilization by a Dairy Herd

Should You Switch to 3X Milking?

Should Cows Be Milked More Frequently?

Are Mastitis Immune Cows In Your Future?

Udder Health Affected by Bedding Management

Are Somatic Cell Counts Increasing?

Dairy Herd Biosecurity

Trace Minerals, Vitamins, Immune Function and Mastitis - What Is Their Relationship?

The Association of Inadequate Energy Intake at Calving Time with Mastitis

The Relationships of Various Dairy Farm Characteristics and Management Practices

with the Quality of Milk Produced

2001 Articles

Staph. aureus Still A Problem in Your Herd?

The Role of Vaccines in Managing Mastitis

A "New" Use for the California Mastitis Test?

The Relationship Between Bulk Tank Somatic Cell Counts and Udder Infection Levels

Myths About Mastitis Therapy

Summer Management Practices that Affect Milk Quality

Calving Intervals, Milk Production, and Profitability

Prepartum Mastitis Management in Heifers

Factors Affecting The Success of Antibiotic Treatment at Dry Off

Recent Research Reports on Mastitis and Milking Management Topics

2000 Articles

Effectiveness of Treating Clinical Mastitis in Heifers Before Parturition

Role of Nutrition in Mastitis

All Staph. aureus Mastitis is Not the Same


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