Dr. John E. Rushing

Box 7624
Raleigh, NC 27695
(919) 515-2956
(919) 515-7124

Areas of Responsibility/Interest

Dr. Rushing's responsibilities are principally to the dairy products and refrigerated foods industries.  His work actually covers most parts of the food industry except bakery products and muscle foods such as poultry, meats, fish, and egg.  Dr. Rushing has experience in processing plant operations and management.  He provides advice on scientific and technology issues to the dairy industry.

Recently, much of Dr. Rushings work has been in the areas of food safety such as microbial food safety, therapeutic drug residues and regulatory issues relating to public health.  He serves on the IMS HACCP plan implementation committee and spends much of his time working with companies and regulators to help develop HACCP procedures and implement them.

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 Last modified April, 2002
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