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NC 4-H Horse Program- Horse Photography Contest


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The 2013 4-H Horse Program Rulebook is now available.

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Encourages youth to gain self-confidence, while developing life-time photographic skills. While learning the value of organizing and developing visual exhibits, youth will increase their knowledge of photography as it relates to horses.

Starting in 2011, the Photography Contest will be sub-divided into two sub-categories;  one for standard photographs and the other for digitally enhanced photographs.  Each sub-category will be judged separately and awards will be given for each sub-category.

Digitally Enhanced (DE) is for any photograph digitally enhanced, meanding drawing, cutting, re-coloring, pixelating or involving the use of post-processing filters. It should not include histogram or white balance adjustments, uniform-color filters, desaturation or noise filtration to clean up sensor noise or film grain or retouching. Basically, if you could have done it with a filter on the lens, good darkrooms skills, and a paintbrush, do not put it in the DE category. If you would need scissors or a computer to pull it off, then its DE.

The rules and judging criteria will be the same for both sub-categories.

Participants may enter one photograph in each sub-category.


2013 Horse Photography Contest Entry Form

2013 Horse Digitally Enhanced Photography Contest Entry Form



This contest is open to Junior and Senior participants. Each participant must have reached age 9 on or before January 1 of the current year and must not have reached age 19 before January 1 of the current year.

Juniors are participants who have not reached age 14 before January of the current year. Seniors are participants who have reached age 14 as of January 1 of the current year and  who have not reached age 19 as of January 1 of the current year.

Participation is open to Cloverbud members. Youth ages 5 to 8 may participate in this noncompetitive division.

State winners in the Junior Division are ineligible for future competition in the Junior Division in this event. Juniors are eligible to compete in other Artistic Expression Events in which they have not won a state championship. State winners in a Senior Division of an Artistic Expression Event are ineligible to compete in that same event in future years. Senior state Artistic Expression Event winners are eligible to compete in other Artistic Expression Events in which they have not won a state championship.



Each participant is limited to one horse-related photograph. Each exhibit is to be original work of the participant that has been completed since the previous year’s contest and that relates to the Horse and Pony Project.

All photos are to be mounted on a firm backing that does not extend beyond the edges of the photograph.  Photos that are not mounted will be disqualified.  No border of matting is allowed and if used will be penalized.

Photos may be black and white or full color and will be judged equally.

White edges are to be trimmed from all photos and if not trimmed will be penalized.

No frames or glass permitted.  Photos will frames or glass will be disqualified.

Captions are not permitted on the front of the photograph and if used will be penalized. Entry may be titled on back of mount board.

Information on the back of the mount must include the entrant’s name, address, email address, county, and age as of January 1 of the current 4-H year, age division, mailing address, and phone numbers.

Entries with incorrect postage may be disqualified.  Entries that are not taken by the participant will be disqualified;  however adult supervision is permissible.

A Grand Champion State Level award plus the top 10 ribbons in the Junior and Senior age divisions will be awarded. Cloverbud participants will not be ranked but will be evaluated and receive participation awards. Ties will be broken starting with the judging criteria with the highest point value and continuing on in decending order. If ties are still present, the NC 4-H Horse program will award multiple prizes of the same rank.

Evaluation Criteria

Entries will be judged on creativity, spontaneity of subject, technical quality, composition, and overall appearance as follows:


Composition camera angle, close to subject, pleasing to look at, elements balanced, simple background

410 points

Technical quality, depth of field, lens artifacts, focal length, sharp clear image, exposure, lighting, camera angle, got close to subject

35 points

Creativity, interesting to look at, one central idea, idea shown clearly, experimentation, subject spontaneity

15 points

Overall appearance, neatness and mounting

10 points


100 points





Please thoroughly read the Horse Photography Contest section in the NC 4-H Horse Program Rulebook(updated annually) for additional information on contest rules, regulations, submission procedures, etc.


2013 Horse Photography Contest Entry Form

2013 Horse Digitally Enhanced Photography Contest Entry Form

Please note that this form must be postmarked by May 1st, 2013 or your entry will be disqualified.


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