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Welcome to Animal Science Extension at N.C. State University

There are four sections within Animal Science that are part of the Cooperative Extension Service. They are Animal Husbandry, Dairy Extension, Swine Husbandry, and Horse Husbandry. Each section operates within their area of expertise,  but often there are overlapping interests.  Please see below for links to specific sections.

Animal Husbandry includes Beef Cattle, Sheep, and Meat Goats.
Program areas in Extension Animal Husbandry include:

4-H Small Animals
4-H Youth LivestockPrograms
Meat Goats
NC Beef Cattle Improvement Program (Bull Tests)NC Beef Cattle Improvement Program (Bull Tests)
Ruminant Nutrition and Management

Dairy Extension, including Dairy Cattle and Dairy Goats
Program areas in NCSU Dairy Extension include:

Milking Management and Mastitis Control
Dairy Herd Improvement Records
4H Dairy Youth Programs
Alternative Production Systems
Waste Management
Dairy Goats

Swine Husbandry
Program areas in Extension Swine Husbandry include:

Nutrition and Feeding
Breeding and Genetics
Economic Resources
Waste Management, Water Quality and Odor
AI and Reproduction
Hog Health and Worker Safety


Horse Husbandry
Program areas in Extension Horse Husbandry include:

Nutrition and Feeding
Forage Grazing Programs
Selection and Evaluation
Farm Management
Breeding and Reproduction
Regional Equine Information Network System
Adult Short Courses and Clinics
4H Horse Youth Programs

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Last modified: August 30, 2007
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