Swine Ration Calculator
For PIH-7
Principles of Balancing Swine Rations
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  • Authors:
    E. van Heugten, North Carolina State University
    J.R. Jones, North Carolina State University
    T.C. Schell, University of Georgia


This simple spreadsheet allows you to enter inclusion rates and prices for ingredients for a swine ration. It then calculates, based on inclusion rates, the composition of the ration, which can be compared with the requirement. Requirements are based on NRC (1998) for diets containing 3,265 kcal ME/kg of diet.

First select the swine produciton stage for which the diet is being designed by clicking the poper radio button at the bottom of the sheet. Change inclusion rates until the diet has the required nutrient composition. Try different ingredients and check prices to formulate cheaper rations. Make sure to check Table 5 in PIH-7 for maximum recommended ingredient inclusion rates.

The spreadsheet was created in Excel© 8.0 '00 but can be opened with version 7.0 '97. This is not a least-cost formulation program. Do not add or delete rows or columns as it will cause improper future calculations. To add different ingredients, simply change the names and corresponding nutrient values of existing ingredients.

To download a copy (Excel© 8.0 '97 or higher required to run it):

Swine Ration Calculator Spreadsheet (48.5 kb)

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