Nutriton and Waste
How Does Your Nutrition Progam Rank?
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  • Authors:
    Theo van Kempen, North Carolina State University
    Eric van Heugten, North Carolina State University


There are many different methods to reduce the impact of swine production on the environment, and nutrition is only one of them. It is worthwhile to consider what nutritional methods are available to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus excretion and ammonia and odor.

The worksheet consists of a series of questions that are used to determine the impact of different nutritional stategies on waste management and the environment. Review these questions and enter your answer in the yellow shaded area. Red shaded areas are calculated values and should not be changed by the user. Green shaded areas represent result except in the case of the 'Go To' buttons that allow you to jump form place to place along the vertically arranged question list.

The spreadsheet was created in Excel© 8.0 '00 but can be opened with version 7.0 '97. This is not a least-cost formulation program.

To download a copy (Excel© 8.0 '97 or higher required to run it):

Environmental Impact of Nutrition Spreadsheet (400 kb)

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