Department of Animal Science
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
North Carolina State University

Dr. Eugene J. Eisen

William Neal Reynolds Professor Emeritus
Phone: 919-515-4017
Fax: 919-515-6884

Research Interests: Selection for growth, body composition and reproduction traits; incorporation of the growth hormone transgene into livestock selection programs; finding quantitative trait loci that control growth, body composition and reproduction; the mouse as a model for research in animal breeding and quantitative genetics

Teaching Interests: ANS 713 Quantitative Genetics and Breeding

Commodity Interests: Swine, Mouse Model for Livestock Genetics and Human Obesity

Selected Publications:

Rocha, J. L., E. J. Eisen, L. D. Van Vleck and D. Pomp. 2004. A large-sample QTL study in mice: I. Growth. Mammalian Genome 15:83-89.

House, R. L., J. P. Cassady, E. J. Eisen, T. E. Eling, J. B. Collins, S. F. Grissom and J. Odle. 2005. Functional genomic characterization of de-lipidation elicited by trans 10, cis 12-conjugated linoleic acid (t10c12-CLA) in a polygenic obese line of mice. Physiological Genomics 21:351-361.

Jerez-Timaure, N. C., E. J. Eisen and D. Pomp. 2005. Fine-mapping of a QTL region with large effects on growth and fatness on mouse chromosome 2. Physiological Genomics 21:411-422.

Allan, M. F., E. J. Eisen and D. Pomp. 2005. Genomic mapping of direct and correlated responses to long-term selection for rapid growth rate in mice. Genetics 170:1863-1877.

Eisen, E. J. 2005. The Mouse in Animal Genetics and Breeding Research. Imperial College Press, London.

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