Department of Animal Science
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
North Carolina State University

Dr. Joan H. Eisemann

Research: 60%
Teaching: 40%
Phone: 919-515-4044
Fax: 919-515-6884

Research Interests: Nutritional and hormonal regulation of protein accretion in growing animals; coordination of nutrient use by body tissues; inter-tissue metabolism; swine ulcers

Teaching Interests: ANS 230 (Nutrition of Domestic Animals), ANS 453/553 (Growth of Domestic Animals), ANS 610 (Digestion and Metabolism in Ruminants), NTR 701 (Amino Acid Metabolism), ANS 493 (On Campus Learning Experience - Special Problems), ALS 498H-499H (Honors Research or Teaching); advises undergraduate students, M.S. students, and Ph.D. students

Commodity Interests: Beef cattle and swine

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