Department of Animal Science
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
North Carolina State University

Dr. Shannon E. Pratt-Phillips

Associate Professor
Teaching: 80%
Research: 20%
Phone: (919) 513-1117
Fax: (919) 515-6884

Teaching Interests: ANS 110 Introduction to Equine Science; ANS 205 Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals; Development of Distance Education classes for Animal Science

Research Interests: Equine nutrition and exercise physiology: glucose metabolism, insulin sensitivity and regulation of glycogen re-synthesis after strenuous exercise.

Published Papers:

Pratt S.E., Geor R.J., McCutcheon L.J. 2006. Effects of dietary energy source and physical conditioning on insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance in horses. Equine Vet. J. (in print)

McCutcheon L.J., Geor R.J., Pratt S.E., Martineau E., Ho K. 2006. Effects of prior exercise on insulin signaling in equine skeletal muscle. Equine Vet. J. (in print)

Pratt S.E., Geor R.J., McCutcheon L.J. 2005. Repeatability of 2 methods for assessment of insulin sensitivity and glucose dynamics in horses. J. Vet. Intern. Med. 19: 883 - 888.

Pratt S.E., Geor R.J., McCutcheon L.J. 2005. Relationship of insulin sensitivity to aerobic capacity in Standardbred mares and geldings. Equine Comp. Ex. Phys. 2: 185 - 193.

Pratt, S.E., Lawrence, L.M., Warren, L.K. and Powell, D.M. 2005. The effect of exercise on the clearance of infused acetate in the horse. J. Equine Vet. Sci. 25: 266 - 271.

Pratt, S. E., Lawrence, L.M., Barns, D., Powell, D. and Warren, L.K. 2000. Measurement of ammonia concentrations in horse stalls. J. Equine Vet. Sci. 20: 197 - 200.

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