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The nutrition program in the Department of Animal Science deals with a wide array of topics, ranging from very basic molecular nutrition approaches to studies with direct practical applications in the target species.

Students have the opportunity to work with a variety of animal species, including cattle, swine, horses, sheep, goats, mice, companion animals and exotic animals.

Students can select to major in Animal Science and focus their coursework and research project in the nutrition area. Alternatively, students can choose to pursue a major in Animal Science with a co-major in Nutrition. In this case, both the major and co-major programs will be designated on the student's graduate transcript.

For additional information on specific research programs in nutrition, please visit the information pages for the Animal Science nutrition faculty listed below.


Animal Science Faculty in the Nutrition Area

Brief Description of Faculty Member's
Specific Area of Reserach Interest

Joan H. Eisemann

  • Hormonal regulation of protein and lipid accretion in growing animals; inter-organ (tissue) metabolism

Vivek Fellner

  • Microbial physiology and rumen function
Sung Woo Kim
  • Nutrition and digestive physiology including (1) protein and amino acid nutrition of swine and other monogastric animals, (2) Nutrition during pregnancy and lactation and (3) Applied monogastric nutrition

Jean Marie Luginbuhl

  • Nutritional management and forage-based feeding systems for meat goats

Jeannette A. Moore

  • Applied horse and ruminant (especially beef cattle) nutrition

Jack Odle

  • Ontogeny and regulation of lipid digestion and metabolism; neonatal nutritional biochemistry; medium-chain triglyceride metabolism; carnitine metabolism; intestinal growth and metabolism in normal and pathophysiological states - role of milkborne growth factors

Matt H. Poore

  • Utilization of grazed and harvested forages by beef cattle as influenced by nutrient supplementation. Determining the feeding value of locally available by products for beef cattle. Nutrient management in forage production systems utilizing animal wastes as fertilizer sources

Shannon Pratt-Phillips

  • Equine nutrition and exercise physiology: glucose metabolism, insulin sensitivity and regulation of glycogen re-synthesis after strenuous exercise

Paul D. Siliciano

  • Micro-nutrient Requirements of Horses


Eric van Heugten

  • Energy, protein, and mineral nutrition of swine. Environmental nutrition. Applied swine nutrition

Sample graduate plans of work for Animal Science majors working in the nutrition area:

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