Department of Animal Science
North Carolina State University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Pictures of horses, livestock, and dog

Links to Animal Science Information Resources

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Professional Organizations

red triangle The Federation of Animal Science Societies
red triangle American Society of Animal Science
red triangle American Dairy Science Organization

red triangle Equine Science Society
red triangle American Association for Laboratory Animal Science

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Veterinary Colleges and Information

red triangle Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges
red triangle North Carolina State Univesity College of Veterinary Medicine
red triangle Other Colleges of Veterinary Medicine

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red triangle Beef Cattle:   North Carolina Cattlemen's Association,   National Cattlemen's Beef Association
red triangle Companion Animals:  American Kennel Club,   International Cat Association
red triangle Dairy Cattle:  
red triangle Horses:  North Carolina Horse Council
red triangle Sheep and Goats:  Sheep and Goat Associations
red triangle Swine:  North Carolina Pork Council,   National Pork Producers Council

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Other Points of Interest

red triangle North Carolina Department of Agriculture
red triangle United States Department of Agriculture
red triangle Food and Drug Administration
red triangle Center for Veterinary Medicine

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