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Research in the Department of Animal Science

The primary research emphasis in Animal Science is to develop projects that will result in development of new technology in the disciplines of physiology, nutrition, genetics, genomics, biotechnology, production, and management.

Our reproductive physiology group has developed a strong program in endocrinology with emphasis on the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis in the male and female of farm animals. Our primary goal in this discipline is to improve the reproductive efficiency of farm and companion animals.

Research in biotechnology focuses on the production of new breeds of mammals by alterations in the genome and studies on gene transfer and embryo micro-manipulation in swine and cattle.

The research goals of our nutrition faculty are to increase the efficiency of red meat and milk production, and to improve the desirability of animal products for human consumption.

The mission of our animal breeding and genetics research faculty is to develop and evaluate theory and technology relevant to the genetic improvement of livestock. With emphasis on food- and fiber-producing animals, our overall goal is to study basic principles and to ask "why" as well as "how" research results can be applied for the betterment of mankind.

A number of different animal models may be utilized in order to address key research questions within each discipline.

Research areas of study available in the Department of Animal Science include Genetics and Genomics, Nutrition, Reproductive and Lactational Physiology, Production Management, Biotechnology and Animal Well-Being.

For general information about each discipline area as well as information on Animal Science faculty members working in each area and an example graduate plan of work for each disipline, click on the links below:


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