PB 360: Introduction to Ecology 2007
NCSU Department of Plant Biology

Welcome to North Carolina State University's home page for PB 360, Introduction to Ecology. This 3-credit course offers an overview of the fundamental principles and concepts associated with the science of ecology. Introduction to Ecology is offered twice each academic year, in the Fall and Summer1 Semesters. The Department of Plant Biology is responsible for both offerings of PB 360. The information provided on this page and its associated links pertains specifically to the Fall, 2007 Semester.

Instructor: Dr. Thomas R. Wentworth, NCSU Department of Plant Biology
Instructor Contact: (919) 513-1433,
Class Location: 3712 Bostian
Scheduled Hours: MWF, 0805-0855
Lab Location: 287 David Clark
Lab Hours: refer to General Course Information

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About This Page: A Disclaimer

This page is currently being updated to accompany the FALL 2007 SEMESTER offering of PB 360/365. A similar course will also be offered, as ZO 260, in the spring 2008 semester by the NCSU Department of Zoology. Materials on this page and its links pertain specifically to PB 360/365 as taught in the fall 2007 semester and do not necessarily pertain to ZO 260 as taught in the spring 2008 semester.

ZO 260 Offered by Zoology

The spring 2008 offering of ZO 260 will be taught by staff of the NCSU Department of Zoology. All questions regarding the introductory ecology course in the spring semester of 2008 should be directed to the Department of Zoology.

Welcome to PB 360, Fall 2007!

I thank the students and staff of BO 360/365 for helping to make the fall semester of 2006 a successful one for this course! I look forward to another excellent semester of ecological study in fall, 2007. As always, your suggestions are welcome ... you can reach me at 513-1433 or by e-mail (preferred route) at

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