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Homework #1 -- It's Greek to Me

5 points

Due by Friday, August 26, 2011.

Greek and Latin words serve as "roots" for many of the scientific terms we use in biology.  Knowing the definitions of the roots often helps you remember (or figure out) the meaning of the terms.

Match root words (in the left column) with their correct meaning (in the right column).  Use a good dictionary for help with the ones you don't know.  Enter the letter of the correct answer.


 1. ante- A.  alike
 2. cauda- B.  upon, above, over
 3. dorso- C.  wing
 4. ecto-, exo- D.  behind
 5. epi- E.  outside
 6. gnatho- F.  straight
 7. hetero- G.  different
 8. holo- H.  eat, feed
 9. homo- J.  few
10. hyper- K.  hair
11. hypo- L.  before, prior to
12. inter- M.  first, front
13. iso- N.  after
14. oligo- O.  tail
15. opistho- P.  whole, complete
16. ortho- Q.  underside, belly
17. para- R.  excessive
18. phago-, tropho-   S.  hard, rigid
19. post- T.  under, beneath
20. proto- U.  jaw
21. ptero- V.  top, back
22. sclero- W.  turn
23. tricho- X.  beside, next to
24. tropo- Y.  between, among
25. ventro- Z.  equal

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