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Fear No Weevil

5 points

Due by Wednesday, September 3, 2014.

The boll weevil, Anthonomus grandis Boheman, is often regarded as America’s most celebrated agricultural pest.  It is a small beetle, about ¼ inch long, with wings, a pronounced snout and a very big appetite for cotton.  Native to Mexico and Central America, it entered the United States in 1892 near Brownsville, Texas and spread throughout the deep South at a rate of 40-160 miles a year.  By 1922 it had swept up the Atlantic seaboard and infested virtually the entire Cotton Belt.

The boll weevil infestation had far-reaching impacts on the economy, sociology, demographics, and culture of the South.  This assignment will allow you to experience some of those impacts through a series of six vignettes inspired by articles published in 2007 by the Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper.  After viewing all six vignettes, take a short quiz about the topic in order to earn your homework points.  A link to that quiz is at the very bottom of this page.

#1   Sharecropper #2   Natchez, MS
#3   Enterprise, AL #4   Mississippi Delta
#5   Pesticide Application #6   Eradication Program

Boll Weevil Quiz